Congrats Clewises!

You are true survivors.

Done it, been there, its great

The Antano is a personal favorite. I wander from time to time but continue to return to it. However, that smooth ambler kicks like a mule.

It is a gift!

Boromir knows a thing or two about gifts.

Is it criticism or hatin’?

From my experience, this is par for the course

From the comments on the nastiness of the Huggins daughters:

Maryland fan, I was at the game last night in Columbus. I have never heard an opposing team’s fans so vulgar and vile. Two WVU fans next to us were escorted out by police after continuing to be vulgar and threatening remaining Dayton fans from the last game. My friends in another section sat next to a delightful woman who loudly and proudly set a bounty $30 for someone to beat them up. They referred to Jared Nickens as Jared N***ins, called Dez a rapist, and erupted in cheers after Melo was injured. I’ve been to Cameron Indoor at Duke, Dean Dome at UNC, the past 3 ACC/B1G tournaments, and have never encountered such atrocious creatures. Not surprised at all that Bob Huggins’ daughters would stoop this low.

My people. Now, I understand why we didn’t get in to the ACC.

Break it off

2014 Tourney Pickem

Its a new year and a new tournament. But I heard you can get killed at that Kumite. Now remember, it’s full contact. There are three ways to win. One, You knock your opponent out. Two, the other guy quits, and shouts ‘Matte.’ It’s like saying ‘Uncle.’ Three, You throw the fucker right off the runway!

Fee: $10 paypal to winner or cash to me and I’ll get it to the winner.

Link or League id is 111669.

Password: sexdungeon

Military Intelligence?

In it’s infinite wisdom, the Marine Corps has seen fit to nominate and the Navy to accept me into a graduate studies program for Electrical Engineering at Naval Post Gradutate School in Monterey, CA.

They must be extremely desperate or never really opened the transcripts from Tech because there is no explanation for my acceptance to any graduate program.

Needless to say I’m a bit scared because I am not an Electrical Engineer and I have not done upper level math or physics in 14 years!

We move to Monterey this June and I’ll study for 2 years. After graduation I’ll be assigned some nerd job for 3 years building mainframes or figuring out why youtube buffering crashes the USMC network everytime I try to watch WLC videos!

Guess my days as a meat-eating, death-dealing Cobra pilot are numbered. I will soon enter the nerd-realm the rest of you have been occupying for the last 10 years…

…except I’ll be debt free and getting a steady income for the next six years!

hate hate hate

Butthole Lollipops Out

Chocolate Buttholes in!

Dare I say, “You are what you eat.” Bon appetite!

Sinatra’s Cuba

Before Fidel made everyone poor and himself rich.