2015 Fantasy Football

Draft: Saturday August 29 4:15PM 3:15PM

Draft Lottery (optional attendance): Saturday August 22 4:15PM 6:30PM

Sign Up. League ID: 131754

Who is getting voted out? I need a majority (5 votes) in order to replace any existing members.

  • Stroker has been nominated due to his all-time pathetic performance last year.
  • Mr. R. has been nominated due to his lack of roster changes.
  • Root is the next man up on the waiting list if anybody gets voted out.

Vote in the comments.

Rule changes:

  • QB touchdowns to 4 points

Let’s hear the complaints. Bring it.

60 Responses to 2015 Fantasy Football

  1. DeeMoney

    Is everyone set for this draft time? I could use it to be bumped up an hour. I have a campaign event from 5-7 that I need to make an appearance at by about 5:30.

  2. Strokker


    If you want Gronk to score more points, make it a PPR league.


    What campaign are you in? you running for pres? D$ for Pres!!! campaign slogan “Making it rain in 2016”

  3. Strokker

    excluding ryzz, this blog has zero posts in 6 months. after the first week of august, 59 posts….


  4. TeeEbbs

    Clew paid.

  5. TeeEbbs

    Draft time moving to 3:15pm. Let me know if any issues

  6. TeeEbbs

    Mr. R. paid. On the note line of the check, he wrote F- You All.

  7. clew

    Ryzz woke the demon.

  8. Strokker

    F yo couch!!!

  9. TeeEbbs

    Coincidence that Mr. R got #1 and Ryzz got #10

  10. Ryzz

    No good deed is left unpunished by the master of shadows. How many animals did you sacrifice to Satan to get that kind follow through Mr. R.?

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