Fantasy Football 2011

So here we go again. An official topic deserves an official post. There’s already been some meaningless chatter on other posts, but it’s time to get serious now. The league is back, surviving the stress of the lockout and the fact that the Redskins have a quarterback battle between a fat old guy eating Oreos and a Mormon kid who’s thrown exactly zero passes in the last three years. But that aside, it’s time for the best day of the year: the day when Clew drinks Zimas until he giggles about every roster, the day when Spree Lew actually thinks it’s a good idea to listen to Clew’s advice, the day when Dirt actually plays Fantasy Football. I can’t wait.

So here are the details:

1. League is setup. Get your team in. League ID is 444274. Password is “waterlane”. You know where to go. And you’ll be greeted by my same naming convention that has taken me to 5 straight finals. So don’t even start the hating. Let’s hope this reference does better than Dirt’s use of the same movie. And Ryzz, please Google best fantasy football names and pick the first one so that we don’t have to put up with your usual “genius”. Also names will be locked before the first games so choose wisely.

2. Who is in? Will we be 8 or 10? I’ve heard verbals from Dirt, Ryzz, Clew, Me, Stroke, Spree L, D$, Mr. R. That leaves Spree Ebbs. Possibly Shoe. Possibly a spot if only one of those two passes. Any other possibilities? Not Tim is still retired, for the 2nd time.

3. Buy-in is $100. Split will be decided based on the number of entries. I’ll update this post later with the final split.

4. Rule changes. One this year will be addition of one bench slot, so bring your A-game on draft day. You’ll need one extra sleeper like that guy that Ryzz drafted that I still can’t find on a roster. Only other change is 6 points for a defensive safety. These are so rare that they deserve more than two points. No protests allowed. No $1 tax or limit on trades. Clew gets one keeper player from previous year, and he can have his choice of Kurt Warner or Brett Favre.

5. Draft date. It looks like we’ll all be spread out this year unfortunately with all the future lawyers and people trying to defend our freedom, so we may be without a get together. I’m open to suggestions from D$ Spree Lew and Dirt if there is going to be enough motivation for us to get together. We have to account for two players 8.5 hours ahead, so we’re looking to be early afternoon on a weekend day. For now, August 27, Saturday, at 11:30 AM is the time. So don’t give me any excuses, just tell me you can make it. D$, we’ll see you at 11:45.

6. Draft order. The hat draw worked well last year and we will be continuing that provided we can setup some reasonable form of communication and oversight without getting too complicated. I will work on the details and let the group know. We will likely draw the order around two hours before the first pick, and interested parties will be looped in via Skype (right now Clew is banging on his computer like an orangutan hoping Skype falls out) and conference call.

7. Let’s go. As always play to win. Play fair. And let the usual hate begin.

Good night and good luck –
The Commish

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  1. Spree Lew

    That settles it, I got what I wanted which was to at least “vote” on the issue. I called the commish today to voice my concerns. It would be intriguing if we could figure out a way to run D$’s auction system for free agents. How convenient that Clew changes his vote the day he and Tee embark on their roadtrip. I will now refer to Clew as Babydict Arnold.

  2. clew

    I change my vote back.

  3. Spree Lew

    Who is #10? My vote is for Ultimate.

  4. strokker

    if we don’t have 10, I think I should get two picks per round since I’m at such a disadvantage not being able to check sports web pages except for about 30 min per day in the dark of my room after like 14 hours of staring at fox news because thats like the only website I can view on government computers because **Robot voice**FOX-NEWS-IS-THE-ONLY-PLACE-TO-RECEIVE-THE-TRUTH-AND-FACTUAL-NEWS-UPDATES-FROM-AROUND-THE-WORLD**

  5. Spree Lew

    Strokes, I’m looking out for you bro, and the rest of us who don’t stroke a keyboard for a living. On a sidenote, and this is between you and me, I think Ru is gonna take the starting RB spot in Arizona, better draft him early I know Clew is eyeing him as well.

  6. Ryzz

    yes on $1 trades, I’ll be back to respond in another 10 days. Basically, how D$ treated this place for the past 3 years.

  7. Spree

    Figure out the $1 trade option first, because if it passes I’m out and you won’t need a 10th

  8. TeeEbbs

    Spree Lew keep drafting Ryan Williams

  9. DeeMoney

    So what is going on? $1 trades and we are losing a member because of it? Or no on the trades tax? Also does this mean trades or all adds/ drops

  10. Spree Lew

    Lil Sweetness #34 get well soon buddy! See you in 2012. Stroker I still think he is a sleeper worth drafting you should pick him up. 

  11. Ryzz

    I just got a call from my bro saying he wants in. Do we have a spot?

  12. Spree Lew

    Spree no need to take your ball and go home, just don’t add/drop handsome Marshawn 10 times this season. D, this would be $1 for all add/drops (Please reference my post on August 18th, 2011 @ 5:29 PM) Which has already been APPROVED by league vote. I do not speak for all members of the “Limit Transactions Coalition” but I am not dead set on the $1 tax but I would like to see a rule change to limit use of the waiver wire which puts those with limited internet access at a disadvantage. I would be up for anything a bidding system, cap on # of transactions, forced to watch bobbys tube with clew to make a transaction, whatever….

  13. TeeEbbs

    If Mr. Big can make the 5pm draft on Saturday and pay the $100 entry fee, he is in. He is a previous player in the league, and unfortunately for J-Bone, gets first take at an open spot. Tell him to sign up Ryzz if he is good to go.

  14. DeeMoney

    This is my last take on the $1 tax for transactions. First of all this would be a major league change. This league was built on vulturing the waiver wire. Not Tim invented this and the rest of the league followed suit. Changing this by limiting it would be akin to making us a 1 qb league or a PPR format. This is the main reason I am opposed. This is a great league – very fun and competitive and the best I have ever played in; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    Last year was the first year we ever voted on anything, so not voting on stuff and leaving it the same does not bother me as much as it does other people. And for the record, as far as I can tell the vote stands at a maximum of 5 in favor (Not really sure what Clew’s vote is at this time). This means that it is NOT APPROVED in our 10 team league.

    Lastly, I think I can speak for Spree, as well as myself, when saying we are pressed for cash and a $1 tax would increase the price of the league for us by a high percentage. Even if I limited myself to 20 moves, this would increase the entry by 20%. We all signed up for this league and agreed to pay $100. Unfortunately for me, $100 is all I can spare and all I signed up for. And to argue that I do not have to make moves if I don’t want to pay is nonsense and would severely limit my ability to win the league and put me at a great disadvantage.

    To conclude, I think we should play it out this year the way we always have and consider such a drastic change a little earlier than 2 weeks before draft day next year. 

  15. Spree

    Hear, hear

  16. Spree Lew

    Well, considering this was brought up last year AND again on August 2nd when we started our 2011-2012 season negotiations, I would put that right around a month before draft day so timing is not a valid excuse. I am totally understanding that some participants do not want to make the additional financial commitment of $1 per transaction and am cool with that. The $1 rule is a drastic change.

    But, restricting the waiver wire is something that at least 50% of the league is in support of and we cannot just let it drop this year and see what happens next year. I understand the league was “built on vulturing the waiver wire” and I do enjoy the competition it brings. Yes, I am being a b#tch considering one of our members is over seas and two others are just starting law school with way less access to the league than I would have. But, I feel I am at a disadvantage with the current system and will not be putting my hundo in on an unfair playing field.

  17. Spree Lew

    In true commish form Tee is sandbagging, their are pre-set wiaver wire options in Yahoo fantasy league. I think we can agree on one of these options. If not I am out.

  18. Ryzz

    ok, I agree with D$’s motion for dismissal on the merit of the $1 trades.

  19. Strokes

    What if we just set it at 10 moves…

    trades = 1 move

    Add + drop = 1 move (basically trading with waiver wire)

    If you decide to exceed your 10 pre-granted moves, you pay $1 per transaction. This gives everyone an opportunity to pick up a backup D or kicker on bye week and the safety net in case one of their starters goes down for the season with a knee injury

    This will keep the competition of waiver wire poaching alive but restrict people from add/dropping the same player 7 times in two days because they have ADHD

    Just a thought…you can all tell me to shut up a fly helicopters and I’ll be cool with whatever

    Tee, currently trying to remember your paypal info to have the wifey pay up for me…can you send me an email (first name)(last name); abbreviated first name, no spaces or dots…thanks homie and I’ll get you your flow

    Strokker out…

  20. TeeEbbs

    Wow, yes I’ve been sandbagging something that anybody with a brain would know that Yahoo offers. Ever wonder what that number next to your standings meant? There are absolutely options for waivers and waiver order that Yahoo offers. Most people who have played in other leagues that offer the priority style or list style have given this type awful feedback so we’ve never considered it.

    However, that said the FAAB options, or auction style for waiver wire pickups, is another story and to be honest I didn’t know that Yahoo offered that in our type of league. But again, that would be a big change to the league and how it is played.

    This is a 50-50 split it seems like, or at best an angry minority that is willing to quit over it.

    Here’s the ruling for this year: 25 free transactions of any type. Anything over 25 taxed for $1 each. The official tally will be what Yahoo states on the standings page. I’m not sure if that includes playoffs but whatever Yahoo does, we will take that number. All debts settled before I make the payouts, following the playoffs, or you are not eligible to play next year. No exceptions. Pot will be split evenly by the percentages to all receiving payouts. Based on last year’s transactions the total extra pot would be $166.

    That’s it. Any more whining and we’ll have the Fantasy Football lockout of 2011

  21. Spree Lew

    Yes, Tee we all know what awaiver wire is, I was not aware of all of the options available on Yahoo. Your right I must only have half a brain, at least thats what the older kids used to tell me on the school bus. No need to get all defensive just because half of the league realizes you do not want waiver restrictions because it could hurt you the most. I am very happy with any of the proposed changes and think the FAAB options would be very entertaining and keep people from having to throw extra loot into the pot.

  22. Ryzz

    damn, i told him 11:30… he wants to pay by cash or check… he doesn’t understand advanced technologies like paypal

    update the post

  23. clew


  24. Spree Lew

    Looks like we may have to make some alternate hurricane plans for the draft party, and by that I mean mix fruity grain alcohol drinks.

  25. Ryzz

    5pm sunday?

  26. TeeEbbs

    That’s the target. But need to make sure the crew down south has a place they can draft from at that time

  27. Spree

    If Big D doesn’t do his updates, I might not make it this year. I’d love a post-draft preseason run down

  28. DeeMoney

    Spree that is clew’s department now

  29. DeeMoney

    Tee can we get some paid updates and lock teams that have not paid? Got to pay  to play

  30. TeeEbbs

    Ryzz, Stroker, D$, T paid. Spree Ebbs is on a payment plan. Waiting on Bigs, Spree Lew, Dirt, Clew and Rob

  31. TeeEbbs

    Payouts: 60% for winner, 20% for 2nd, 10% for 3rd. 5% for most points regular season. 5% for 1st place regular season.

  32. TeeEbbs

    Clew and Mr. R have paid. Waiting on Spree Lew, Dirt and Bigs

  33. TeeEbbs

    Spree Lew is good

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