More Nic Cage

Ever since a few years back when Nic created a bubble of “Monuments To Oneself””, he’s probably not turned down a job good, bad, or absolute shit. Good for him, I won’t hate on a good work ethic but it sucks for his fans. Lord of War and Kick Ass are the only two I can think of worth recommending to anyone. There is a whole lot of suckage between and after those movies.

Here’s another, Season of the Witch, coming out Jan 7. I love a good period piece and this takes place in the 14th century. I hope there is less fantasy and more reality to it but a healthy dose of both worked well in Solomon Kane. There’s crusader knights in the movie which is a little odd if you look at the time line of the crusades but that’s Hollywood for you.

Season of the Witch Trailer on Apple’s site.

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