No Gen. Tso? Blasphemy I say!

From DC Sports Blog

5 Responses to No Gen. Tso? Blasphemy I say!

  1. clew

    Great. All of our female olympic athletes are racially insensitive lesbians with speech impediments. Really happy about that.

  2. clew

    "I hassched shum preshty good shdumplings wheshed I wash theresh."

  3. clew

    "I’m kind of GEICHI. Don’t worry about what that means. I speak my own language that only black broads over seven feet tall with corn rows speak. So don’t worry about it. Seriously, its a hip, underground term that is hateful but I’m cool for knowing it. Also, I represent America and pick my earwax when reporters ask me questions. Thanks. Anything else, or should I just embarrass our country into submission?" I am rooting for Russia this year.

  4. clew

    "You mean cheese on the broccilli?" No, I meant a side of gouda.


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