Draft 08

When is the FF draft? Teeebbs, you still gonna be commish? August is approaching. D$ don’t be late this year.

Slightly off topic, D$ I still owe you $10. Let me know when you are in town.

Update: I’m going to keep updating this post’s timestamp (to keep it at the top of the blog) untill we get a draft date settled.

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  1. clew

    Gravatar check.

  2. Ryzz

    I got my $15 stat tracker/ draft kit combo. I paid though. I don’t like giving out my financial info out to businesses I don’t know.

  3. DeeMoney

    tee make sure you are on the look out and let everybody know when you find the hebrew stat tracker this year

  4. clew

    There are two issues I would like to address here. The first is that in re-reading the post, I stumbled across Ryzz’s altered Conan dialogue. I actually pictured Ryzz running over the guy’s face in Atlantic City that was talking shit. The second is that this is Andrew Walter’s breakout season, and I am taking him with my second pick. Kevin Jones is number 3. Go Hokies!

  5. Ryzz

    Subtle little nuggets Clew require more attention but they are worth it.

    D$ the hebrew offer is there, they are offering it now after you login. I’m just too hebrew for the hebrew offer. They want your financial info but claim they won’t charge you. Where as last year, I think it was a survey.

  6. clew

    I’ve got stat tracker. If you have Verizon, feel free to hit me up for updates. If you use a busted service, go fuck yourself.

  7. TeeEbbs

    You know the commishes line is always open… and yes I’m signing up for that offer because I got nothing to steal even if they wanted it

  8. Dirt McGirt

    nothing to steal???  did you just clean out the ole’ bank account with a big pruchase from a jewish jeweler????

  9. DeeMoney

    just noticed clew’s bada ding pic…and also just figured out what gravatar means

  10. Ryzz

    Dirt and Spree Lew still holding out on the gravatar, they’re fans of the white man / grey background look

    Also added FF link back to the top of the site like I do every year about this time.

  11. clew

    By the way, D$, did you ever try out the magic pills?

  12. clew

    Strokker and Spree Lew, how about you dig your faces out of each others assholes and join the league so our schedule is set.

  13. Ryzz

    Good luck with that. They just both committed to changing their careers to prostate doctors.

    Next time you get yours examined clew (next week) when strokker lies by saying he’s alergic to latex at least make him wash his hands.

  14. Spree Lew

    i am scared to dive into the season without a clever name.  Stroker and I have also been jerking each other off to Hokie football talk.

  15. Ryzz

    you get 20 characters examples:

    Dick in Hand D$Style
    Clew’s Tip Jars
    Terrible Tee’s Rocks
    Dirt’s Crawfishes
    Stroke’s Dirty South
    Ryzz is Hung

    You know just some examples. Feel free to use any.

  16. Ryzz

    Teeebbs, who has and hasn’t paid? No crawfishes in the WLC FF League.

  17. clew

    Nice try at a reversie, Ryzz, but Tee can see the names in his paypal account. Its not anonymous like you think it is, so go ahead and stop heebing and send it in.

  18. TeeEbbs

    Ryzz has paid

  19. TeeEbbs

    Clew has paid for himself and his man-friend

  20. TeeEbbs

    Dirt in an unprecedented move has tried the "reversie" himself by paying up in full. I’m not sure what the devious ploy is here… but stay tuned

  21. TeeEbbs

    5/8, waiting on D$, Strokes, and Spree Lew. Spree Lew’s is apparently coming by pony express from the Midwest so should be here soon

  22. DeeMoney

    making moves….waiting on that federal loan money

  23. clew

    Might I make a suggestion on payouts, Tee? I think $500 to the winner and $300 to second place should be about right. Don’t take away anymore with some consolation prize.

  24. Dirt McGirt

    I agree with Clewwantstosuckonmarcusvickshog

  25. clew

    Okay, so Dirtusedtobeahugedukefanandcouldntdecidewhetherhethoughtbobbyhurleyor
    christianlaettnerwascutersohemadedollsofbothandmasturbatedfrequentlyto agrees. Who else likes the payout system?

  26. clew

    wow that randomly got cut off…thanks wordpress.

  27. Ryzz

    600-200, everyone else gets a good luck next year or 500-200, 100 to the regular season champ
    either of those i’m ok with, Clew thats too much $ for 2nd place

  28. TeeEbbs

    I like 500 for first. Sounds about right.

    I think 200 for second sounds about right too. Double your money, no more.

    I’m leaning toward 100 for reg season champ. 3rd place game is for pride.

  29. Ryzz

    3rd place game is for pride and this in your fantasy profile:

    3rd place

  30. Spree Lew

    How about 600-100-100?

  31. clew

    Curve ball. How about $426-$222-$152? In all seriousness, I prefer Spree Lew’s option over 500-200-100. I used to be a big points and regular season champ guy, but fantasy is all about the playoffs. If your not 1st or 2nd, then you’re last. That’s not true, dad. You could be 3rd, or 4th, or 5th…

  32. clew

    By the way, Ryzz, when you first changed the greatest WLC page ever to doodoo brown, I think we still managed to keep the most commented on page. This site is an improvement from the eye sty inducing toilet site that only you supported, but can we bring back most commented? I think this one might win out.

  33. clew

    Clew, congrats on not drinking during the week.

  34. Ryzz

    Most Comments back up for you #1boytoy. I love how Spree Lew throws his $.02 in to the payouts as if he’ll ever see some of it. LOL

  35. clew

    I just realized something hilarious. Ryzz took away the most commented section of the page when he transitioned to the new layout. He claimed it was because he didn’t like it, although everyone else seemed to enjoy all it had to offer. Then, mysteriously, Ryzz makes a post that actually makes the most commented, and what happens? See Ryzz, its not about making thirty posts a day, its all about quality.

  36. Ryzz

    that gold fantasy trophy… came from my trophy closet. Let me know when you get one.

  37. clew

    got one. In basketball, baby. It was about as lucky as a win as yours was back in 2005 with that ragtag group of flunkies. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you went in as the 6th seed?

  38. Ryzz

    I snuck in true but I peaked at the perfect time and beat all the top teams. Hollis was never the same since thats what I do to people.

    Teeebbs has had my # for the past two years. I’m gonna nip that in the bud this year.

  39. clew

    Ryzz, I have a side bet of whatever you want that you don’t place in the top two.

  40. Ryzz

    I have the worst luck betting against you.

    I like this bet better: $20 says I finish higher than you at the end of the playoffs. If we both exit in the same round then it goes to regular season points. No draws – win or lose.

  41. TeeEbbs

    Spree Lew has paid

  42. TeeEbbs

    D$ has paid. $100 in scratch lottery tickets arrived today in a FedEx envelope

  43. TeeEbbs

    Stroker paid, everybody is in. Nice work

  44. Ryzz

    everybody early this year, who would’ve thought we were capable

  45. DeeMoney

    looks like plax was a pretty good pick

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