Comcast Service Sucks

I just got off the phone with Comcast about transferring my account and I am soooo dissappointed in myself for not recording this conversation. The lady (dare I say) who answered my call had a seriously nasty attitude. She must’ve missed the headset mute button a couple of times or it is faulty because 3 times, I heard her say things that were totally inappropriate and she would change her tone from total bitch to seriously bad attitude mid conversation.

The support call started really bad but by the end, I straight killed her with my kindness. Score one for the good guys.

7 Responses to Comcast Service Sucks

  1. Comcastcares1

    Ryzz:Thank God for  good guys!  I wanted to extend my sincere apologies for the experience. This is the type of employee behavior that we do not tolerate at all. I would like to learn more about your experience. If you don’t mind, will you please send me your best contact number at in advance for your response.Sincerely, Mark C. Comcast 

  2. TeeEbbs

    Hahaha hilarious

    Big brother got you Ryzz.

  3. Ryzz

    I looked up his ip address and yes, Mark C wrote that comment from Comcast.

    I’ll correct one thing though. I should have wrote support not service in the title. This is the first time I’ve had to call Comcast since I initiated service about 3 years ago. I really have no complaints about the actually service except Faster please.

    LOL. I’m in agreement Teeebbs that is truly hilarious.

    We blog anonymously here MC so you’re going to have to clean your house without my help.  The Water Lane Crew values privacy and our identities as if we were super heroes but I’ll help next time. I’ll record the conversation and post it here. So check back in a decade when I buy a different house and move there.

    You may even find us blogging about FIOS or some other future internet technology instead of Comcast. Especially, if Comcast never upgrades their network here but continually upgrades my billing rate at every opportunity. This 6Mb/2Mb ain’t gonna cut it my next house.

  4. strokes'em if you got'em

    completely agree about comcast.  They dominate our stead up here on base and I now have to deal with them out in town and driving me nuts.  The lady I’m dealing with seems to have an OK attitude, but she seems to be on cloud nine about a lot of things and for some reason neither her nor the corporate agency can schedule me for an appointment anytime before 10 days from now even though they schedule them for 15 hours per day 7 days a week.  I find it hard to believe that they have that many people setting up cable.  At least Cox was on point about getting your shit up and running…

  5. clew

    I am now rocking Comcast out here in the ‘burg. Spree and I went to switch over the account name and discovered the service had been cut off due to some non payment issues. The lady was helpful enough and the cable guy showed up promptly at 0830 the next day to hook it up in my name. My package includes internet and basic cable (72 channels) for 70 bones a month. After 12 months it goes up to $100, which is a sneaky tricksy in my opinion. I can’t pass judgement quite yet, but I will keep you all updated. When the hell did Comcast become the cable monopoly? And when did Comcast techs start monitoring our website, Ryzz? You better lock it up.

  6. clew

    Also, Mark C….Nobody except Ryzz values privacy on the WLC. If you need to contact him, his real name is Tyler Wind and he drives a Mazda convertible. 

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