2007 Fantasy Football Draft

Its August, you know the time of year when the NFL has those worthless pre-season games that can ruin an entire season. August also means its time for the WLC Fantasy Football Draft. Commissioner Teeebbs, hook it up.

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  1. TeeEbbs

    Sorry fellas, been on a little R&R.

    See post #33 if you have questions about why you haven’t gotten an invite.

    We need to get 1 more addition to the roster. I’m pretty sure Holly isn’t playing.

    Strokker, any reconsideration?

    I’ll email Crunkleville Bears to see if he is interested. Any other options?

  2. TeeEbbs

    Oh yea and Paypal will work too, if you need a last minute deposit.

  3. Dirt McGirt

    dude, check your damn mail then. I mailed my sh*t on monday…..

  4. Ryzz

    I called 8 people yesterday. Everyone’s excuse was too expensive or they are already were in multiple leagues. Maybe strokker + biggs could split the cost.

  5. clew

    My vote is we all pay the 12 or 13$ a piece extra to load up an autobot to play for 8th position. We vote on his roster every week. If it wins or takes second, the money carries over to next year.

  6. Ryzz

    The name will be Clesghey’s Manginas. Teeebbs which email is your paypal account on?


    15 bones is close enough, send it over paypal

  7. TeeEbbs

    Nice math, Ryzzwantstobeamathteachertogetcloserto4thgradeboysandisge

    Try 105. But yes close enough. Although I will horde your extra one dollars and invest them into penny stocks.

    I’m not ready to give up on the 8th player. Dirt, anybody from your crew interested in stepping in? Everybody ask around.

  8. strokker

    I’m down with the earlier idea…See if Biggie is down, RyzzGAY

    Biggie and I split the cost of the season, draft together and play the first few weeks as a team and then he takes over for the remainder of the season. That will help you guys out by having 8 teams, but not leave me forwarding $100 for only a draft and two weeks of game play.

    get back at me

  9. TeeEbbs

    Ryzz, make it happen

  10. Ryzz

    Biggs gets back tonight or tomorrow

  11. TeeEbbs

    D$ – no word from you. You better be hooking up some Paypal for you and Spree Lew. I don’t want to have to lock my own blood out of the draft…

  12. Dirt McGirt

    TeeEbbs, seriously put down the Thai boy porn and send me an invite to the league. we also need to figure out the draft order. assume an 8th team of biggie/strokker and pick the order, if not we all chip in for the 8th team. I need to strategize before sunday and my draft order will drive a lot of that…

  13. clew

    I just wanted to help push this site up on the most commented list. I still say the autobot could be fun…sort of a wildcard skins type of deal that could push over to the next year if it wins.

  14. TeeEbbs

    Payouts will go like this if we have 7 players:

    1st $450
    2nd $150
    3rd $50

    Reg Season Champ $50 bonus

  15. TeeEbbs

    Draft order is assigned randomly by the system, something like half hour before the draft starts (like it’s always been)

  16. Dirt McGirt

    OK where is my invite????

  17. Ryzz

    I’m going to cancel my check! Teebbbs, if me and Dirt don’t get an invite soon there is going to be a rebellion. Then I’ll be the commish sending out invites.

  18. TeeEbbs

    Yea have fun. I wish I didn’t have to carry this burden…

  19. TeeEbbs

    Let the record show: Dirt first in with his check.

    Dirt has paid.

    Dirt, email on its way to you.

  20. TeeEbbs

    Damn, right behind, D$ sending Spree Lew and himself.

    D$ has paid.

    Spree Lew has paid.

    Now we’re filling in. Ryzz, where you at?

  21. Ryzz

    my check was dropped off at the post office last Saturday, funny how I got left out. If I don’t get an invite by lunch today, then I’m calling the bank, canceling my check, and you can kiss my crippled ass before I speak to you again.

    Deep breathes. Deep breathes. What email is your Paypal account on? I’ll send you the money through paypal and you can tear my check up when you get it.

    Call me or email me ebbenezerstein

  22. TeeEbbs

    No need to cancel the check Ryzz, sent you an email, just get it done…

    “Left it on the dresser” pretty much equal to “check is in the mail”

  23. Ryzz

    I got my check back in the mail. I sent you the money through paypal. It is my method of choice for now on.

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