Little Help Fellas

Alright, I am down to two months before my one month vacation, and I need the lazy ass members of the WLC to man up and give me a schedule. Here is what I have booked so far:

July 9th – arrive home
July 14th – Grandma’s Bday
July 15th – Spree and the Spreewell’s at the River Inn
July 21st – Wedding
July 28th – Beach

This leaves me with 10th – 13th, 16th – 20th, 23rd – 27th for Vegas, Acity, Casa de Ryzz, or whatever you bustas want to do. If the stars align correctly and we can all get together, it may be one of the last times for the next few years. Again, I could care less what we do, but a three or four day binge is in order.

UPDATE: We will flying out of RIC on the 25th and back there on the 28th

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  1. DeeMoney

    Baby we’ll be up 5 hundy by midnight

  2. Ryzz

    just like last time eh D$. completely off topic, Timberlake is my hero. I’m waiting for a phone call from biggs. Liddell vs Jackson is Saturday, I’m getting it.

  3. TeeEbbs

    I might have to route my trip through the Mond just to be on that flight. Tell me that won’t be a ridiculous event. If you think a car ride to A City can be fun, think how much debauchery can take place on a plane to Vegas.

    Question1: Will the plane be able to make unscheduled stops at Outback to use the bathroom?

    Question2: Can we bring along the plastic chair for Clew to sit on in the middle of the aisle? The trip won’t be complete without seeing Clew thrown around in the cabin during turbulence.

  4. Ryzz

    Biggs is not sure, he got a lot of trips planned this summer on a relative time table…nothing exact. I say damn the torpedoes. Go ahead get the shit just make sure you have 1 handicap of everything. Handicap seat on plane + I’m bringing my power chair, 1 handicap accessible room, and 1 non-descrimminating hooker. If biggs drops out, surely we can find someone who will fill in.

  5. Strokker

    I think that’s a plan because I know a few people I could round up last minute for a voyage of this magnitude!

  6. clew

    I need to check, but I’m fairly certain you can’t change the name of the passenger at the last minute, so I need some confirmation on who is going (i.e. Biggs). I did forget about Spree Lew, so you need to post on here and let me know that you can go during that time frame and I will get you. I am also going to see if my boy Eli wants to go. He is the guy you met at casa de ryzz. We might as well gangbang this bitch and do it right.

  7. DeeMoney

    Spree Lew is in clew….I talked to him yesterday…He is living out in bumfuck south dakota so the internet might not be the best.

    Tee see if you can work it out flying with us from RIC…the gay flight attendents love his sweet ass and he could prob. get us some free drinks

  8. clew

    Again, I need some final words. I will get you if you fly out of RIC, Tee, because you could service all of the male attendents, the copilot, pilot, and air marshal to get us free drinks. Make sure both you and D$ have the moustaches rocking for the whole trip though. I assume Spree Lew is flying out of RIC with us D$?

  9. TeeEbbs

    Clew, not sure, depends on the time, email me with the proposed flights so I can see if I could make it in to RIC. It might not be possible, but I’ll look into it just for the fun factor.

  10. Ryzz

    Biggs won’t confirm but if he backs out like 2 weeks before surely we can change the name on the ticket right? He’s not sure what his schedule is looking like at the end of july right now.

    This is what is looking like:
    Biggs (we’ll guilt trip in regardless)
    Spree Lew – figure out if he is flying out of RIC or Dakota
    Teeebbs figure out if you are flying out of Bean town or RIC
    Dirt – oops he probable has something better to do

    7 peeps is a good size crew

  11. Spree Lew

    Clew, I will be back inn God’s country by then and flying out of the RIC. The trips gonna be awesome. Clew I’ll get you back in the bathroom on the plane there.

  12. Strokker

    stand in line spree lew, stand in line!

  13. Ryzz

    mile high club will be inducting new members into to the hard gay wing!

  14. clew

    Check your emails, bitches…25th to 28th of July at the new hotness Planet Hollywood. I got flight/hotel for me, ryzz, D$, Spree Lew, Strokker, and my buddy Eli. I got four total rooms with double beds, so all you need, tee, is to make sure you are good out of Boston. Let me know if I forgot anyone. I can’t make reservations withour firm commitments, because everything, including the name, has to stay the same.

    Hotel might have it all, such as chinese restaraunt on site for late night gen tso’s, new poker room with decent limits, middle of the strip location, two pools on the roof, and gay escorts for ryzz.

  15. Ryzz

    the road to my heart is paved with spent rubbers from manwhiches, damn you clew damn you

  16. strokker

    Ryzzzle, we need to coordinate leaving for the airport next wednesday

    the flight is 3:36 and I would like to ride with you if possible to split the parking. We prolly need to be there no later than 3 and prolly like 2:30 to be safe with all the handicap BS.

    I was thinking I would work a half day that day to try to make some loot and then leave here around noon and be at your place no later than 1.

    does that sound like it could work? let me know if there is anything I need to square away or if I need to be up there before then.

  17. Ryzz

    no later that 1, I guess that will give us enough time

  18. strokker

    aight! that’s what I’ll plan on doing. then we can cruise to the ‘port together in the HC X-press and maybe even have time for an anal cavity search during the security check-in….

  19. clew

    Gentlemen, after rereading this historical WLC post, I have realized it is time for another excursion ala Vegas 2007. I do believe we said the trip needed to be annual, and here we are almost four years later without a blowout involving dead homeless guys (remember- not a funny joke, actually happened), D$ stealing breakfast foods and failing at masturbation, me losing three grand, Easy E eating meat, Spree Lew checking out condo investment opportunities and the nice pools at Planet Hollywood, Tee leaving with all expenses paid and $23.09 in his pocket after grinding it out, Ryzz farting in Strokker’s face while Strokker was also smelling my toes, and of course, singing Beastie Boys in HC Express Vans. All of us, and I do mean all of us, have had the gambling itch for awhile. I say it is time to scratch it somewheres classy. Like West Virginia.

    As the hamster wheel of life turns, I find myself in much less of a financially stable gloryhole than that of 2007. However, a big trip needs to be done, and soon. Dirty J and Easy E need a trip. Strokker needs a trip before he gets shot down and killed in Afghanistan. I think something epic needs to be organized. I’m talking Shoe, Captain Stabbin’, Matty Ice of “HEEEEEEYOOOOO” fame, the one they call Baby Duck, D$’s weird asian roommate (okay, not that guy, but definitely Knuckles), Mr. R, Classy Gary, and any other affiliates I am omitting. 

    All that being said, the Town of Charles in West Virginia may accommodate our needs. It is close by, the casinos have decent limits, West Virginia women are classy, and D$ can still beat off to thighmaster commercials. Let’s start working on a plan, please…. 

  20. Spree

    Serious giggle box on Matty Ice…I love this idea, but I make a motion for New Orleans

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