Somebody Call An Ambulance For Jim Haslett

Jim Haslett needs to get to the burn ward immediately. London Fletcher scorched him in this scathing article from the Post. Then, he rips on everybody carrying Jim’s water.

As a Skins fan, this is just brutal to see the disintegration currently taking place. Attention Bruce Allen, Jeff Fischer does have a sense of humor. Look at this video where Fischer trotted out on the field in the pre-game coin flip all the players he drafted because our franchise sold our football future for a running QB who turned into a total bust.

Shit, I hope the Skins lose out to get a good draft pick.  Currently, we are in the position for the #5 pick. Hat tip to Clew.

Cooley burns RG3

Cooley burns RG3 and I can’t argue with it because I agree. Washington Post article here. Brutal podcast here.

“The Redskins bet their football life on RG3.” It failed. Look at how better off the Dolphins are with Tannehill who we could’ve drafted with zero sacrifices to St. Louis. The Skins need to abandon this season and draft a QB and O-linemen.

JP Bonus Scene

Read the comments on youtube for some more laughs.


Cigar Night – Tis The Season

Back by popular demand is Cigar Night. I will be in Richmond on December 3 & 4. For a time, how about 7pm. Vote in the comments which day you want and which location. If you can’t make it, suggest an alternate date, time, or place.

Possible locations:

  1. Mona Lounge – Short Pump
  2. The Pig and The Pearl – The Fan

Coffee Infused

Just smoked one of these tabak especial cigars by Drew Estate and was pleasantly surprised. It is very sweet cigar reminding me of the taste of a rum runner. Generally, I stay away from flavor infused cigars but I received a free Drew Estate variety pack with a previous order. I would definitely recommend these to those in the crew who don’t smoke often or are turned off a little by cigars.


Love the “oh yeah” by Randy at the end.

Probably why my plan was canceled

Then I got a bronze plan that cost twice as much. Only a lawyer, most likely from an Ivy League school, could have written this shit.

One sad story

Somebody must be getting married


2014 WLC Highlander League

Its been a few years, but like a herpes flare up, we are back with a vengeance. This is Survivor/Eliminator/Highlander Football – call it what you like. However, there can be only one!

Directions: follow the link below, enter the group number, enter the password, create a team, make a pick, and pay me

Link to survivor football
Group #:20535
Price: 50 fun coupons paypal me asap to my yahoo account, text me if you don’t know it or make an arrangement to pay me straight cash homey
Prizes: Winner takes all, everyone else gets a hot fart right off the turd aimed in their general direction followed by the traditional gentleman’s courtesy, “It don’t stink, trust me.”

Rules: Pick one team to win every week. No repeat picks (don’t worry if you forget, the league will not let you repeat.) One loss and you lose. No mercy for the weak. The deadline to pick is 5 minutes before the first game every week.

Warning: I am warning you schedule busting, deadline breaking,¬†technological backwards mouth breathers right now: the deadline is often Thursday night. I will be merciless in enforcing the deadline every week. As a result, excuses will not be accepted and most definitely invite ridicule. In terms I know you jabronies understand, zero shits will be given when I hear talk of redoes, commissioner edits, mulligans, boycotts, and other seriously weak play coming out of your cock holsters over the phone on a Thursday night, so don’t fuck it up.

Remember: Everybody go crazy. Lets have some fun this year.

Clew, play the cooler soundtrack while you read the following. I raised the price from 10 to 50 this year to specifically price you out of this league. You better ask the wifey for permission before you enter this budget buster. I’d hate for her and the dogs to go without heat when the polar vortex that you conjured hits Tampa in the coming weeks. No pikers this year.