A couple of bangers

From Ultra 2014:

Dollars do not buy desire


Action Jackson


Basically a two year deal if it does not work out…def. worth the risk

2014 WLC Tourney Pick’em

Activated. Greetings gentlemen! Spring is on the doorstep. As a result, the time has arrived to fill out an NCAA Tourney Bracket. You have been selected from a pool of the least classy, unsportsmanlike, degenerate gamblers I personally have had the unfortunate experience of knowing. For that, you should be ashamed. However, glory is within your reach. If only you could drop the stolen goods occupying your tiny hands.

Gentleman’s rules apply: The price is $10 to be sent via paypal or cash at the end of the tourney. Winner take all. Second place is first loser and deserves nothing but ridicule for failing to close. Remember, always be closing.

To play you must join and complete your bracket by Thu, Mar 20.

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Ian Malcolm the Remix Edition

For all the JP fans.

Is it real?

Did I ask your wife if her tits were real?

Disney is making horror movies now

I don’t think Teeebbs will be watching this one.

Come on up to Cleveland to get your taxes done

If you guys want your taxes done right this year, make sure you hit up the professionals at “Get Money” tax services:


Nica Rustica

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Nica Rustica. I back ordered a 25 pack off of famous-smoke while it was on sale for $130 with free shipping and then applied a $20 coupon. That comes to the awesome price of $4.40 per stick.

Last time we went smoking a couple people inquired about getting humidors. I mentioned craiglist as the best option to get a great deal on a nice humidor. Here is your search. Remember while doing craigslist deals, always negotiate the price. For example, this humidor retails for about $180, the seller is asking $120 for the humidor and an ugly ash trey. I would offer $80 for just the humidor, no ash trey. I would pay no more than $100. When you go to pick it up, the seller is likely to give you the ash trey for free. The seller’s wife took his man card at the alter or she is his ex selling his shit. You do what you want, that’s just my opinion.

Highland Park

Clew put me on Scotch. I got a gift card to the ABC and bought this. Butter smooth.