Check Your Snobbery


Kentucky Mule

I need to get some copper mugs.

On Deck?

Haig Club?

2015 Fantasy Football

Draft: Saturday August 29 4:15PM 3:15PM

Draft Lottery (optional attendance): Saturday August 22 4:15PM 6:30PM

Sign Up. League ID: 131754

Who is getting voted out? I need a majority (5 votes) in order to replace any existing members.

  • Stroker has been nominated due to his all-time pathetic performance last year.
  • Mr. R. has been nominated due to his lack of roster changes.
  • Root is the next man up on the waiting list if anybody gets voted out.

Vote in the comments.

Rule changes:

  • QB touchdowns to 4 points

Let’s hear the complaints. Bring it.

Joya de Nicaragua

Who knew it was Richard Nixon’s official cigar of the White House?

Frank Sinatra Tribute Show in Fredericksburg

Anyone interested in seeing a Sinatra tribute show in Fredericksburg at the Riverside Theater? The show runs May 9 through June 28.

I would like to go on a Saturday or Sunday. Food, drinks, Sinatra, and the WLC… just like old times.

A Marriage Made In Heaven

Grab your strap